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VTT Webinar

The craft and science of low-alcohol brewing & new functional beverages 

Consumers prefer healthier beers and beveragesDiscover new research based technologies to produce low and non-alcoholic healthy and tasty beverage options. 

This webinar was recorded on June 24, 2020  

Consumer market indicators are showing a clear message to beer and beverage industry: healthier life-stylesmore nutritious and sustainable food and beverages are driving the market development.   

This webinar will give insights into new VTT research agenda and technologies to produce new healthy beverages. We will dive deep in three topics:   

  • How malt selection and wort production can facilitate production of beers with reduced alcohol and improved flavour 
  • How to enhance flavour and limit alcohol production with alternative yeasts 
  • How to produce a range of new non-alcoholic beverages through cereal fermentation

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Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson

Principal Scientist

Brian has been working at VTT since 2009.

He is Engaged in hypothesis-driven research to answer fundamental questions relevant to microorganisms used in biotechnology, and to use this knowledge to tackle a range of societal, environmental and economic challenges

Email: gibson.brian@vtt.fi 


Jarkko Nikulin

Research Scientist

M.Sc. (Tech.), research scientist in the field of brewing and fermentations.

Jarkko has worked in the brewing lab at VTT from 2016. Main focus of his work has been on yeasts and fermentations and currently, he is doing his PhD about wild yeasts and their use in the brewing processes.

Email: jarkko.nikulin@vtt.fi 



Riikka Juvonen

Senior Scientist

MSc, PhD

Riikka has been working at VTT since 2004 to this day, first as a Research Scientist and now as Senior Scientist. She is interested in harnessing the power of microorganisms for functionalisation of plant raw materials and agro-biomass side-streams in a safe, controllable and sustainable way.


Email: riikka.juvonen@vtt.fi



Heidi Salminen

Customer Account Lead, Food & Beverage Industry. (Webinar host)

Email: heidi.salminen@vtt.fi