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VTT Webinar

Successful electrification of city’s transport system

On-demand webinar available now.

Discover how the city of Helsinki, Finland, and the city of Santiago, Chile, found the best technological and economical solution for electrifying their public transport system. The systems were designed and optimised for the city’s unique environment while maintaining the same service level.

The latest emission regulations are urging public transportation systems to face many challenges towards deploying zero-emission electrified services. Transportation systems are complex and there are many technologies available on the market, which makes it even more challenging to pick the best solutions from a systematic and techno-economical point of view. Cities are always unique, so there is no single solution that fits all.

  • How to optimally design and prepare a new system that takes into account disturbances and varying conditions?
  • What is the cost of fleet electrification?
  • Where to place and how to measure the charging infrastructure?

In this webinar, Ville Uusi-Rauva from HSL (Helsinki Regional Transportation Authority, Finland) and Sebastián Galarza Suárez from (Centro Mario Molina, Chile) will share their experiences of the journey for electrifying public transportation in the cities of Helsinki and Santiago – two very different environments with specific challenges.

We will also shortly present VTT Smart eFleet, the toolbox that helps cities to increase predictability and ensure a successful transport system transformation for any city planning electrification.

2020-10-22 webinar_LPn kuva_Aerial view of railway station and bus station in Helsinki Finland.


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Todorov Yancho_2020-10-1

Yancho Todorov

Research Scientist at VTT

Product owner of the VTT Smart eFleet toolbox, which aims to support the electrification journey in the transportation sector by providing techno-economical insights for different technology options and service scenarios.

Yancho is also specialised in exploiting mobility data and building Smart AI-based Fleet Management applications and digital twinning of vehicle fleet simulations. In addition, he is supporting battery research in Battery Management Systems, as well as data-based battery data analytics tools.

Email: yancho.todorov@vtt.fi

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Ville Uusi-Rauva

Project Manager at HSL Helsinki Region Transport Authority

Project Manager of electric buses at Helsinki Region Transport Authority in Finland’s capital city. Engineer (MSc) with 10+ years of experience with public transport infrastructure projects. Recently, Ville has worked as Head of Public Transport Operating Conditions and in August 2020 he started working with electric mobility. His mission is to implement actions that lead to goals for a fleet of 400+ electric buses in the Helsinki region by 2025.

Email:  ville.uusi-rauva@hsl.fi

Sebastián Galarza Suárez_2020-10-1-1

Sebastián Galarza Suárez

Transport & energy sector lead at CMM

An economist with more than 15 years of international experience having held positions at the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington DC) and the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT - San Francisco), Sebastián holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Sussex (BA Economics) and a Master's degree from the University of Chicago (MPP). At the Mario Molina Center Chile, he is the Leader of the Transportation and Energy Area. Sebastián leads projects in more than 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean focused on developing strategies for the adoption of low-emission transport systems. This includes planning and monitoring electric mobility projects in urban transport and also off-road applications.

Email: sgalarza@cmmolina.cl 


Pihlatie Mikko_2020-10-1-1

Mikko Pihlatie

Webinar host

Principal Scientist and Project Manager at VTT

Dr. Mikko Pihlatie is Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, a certified project manager (IPMA C) and holds D.Sc (Tech) in applied physics from Aalto University. He is with VTT since 2008 and has previously worked at DTU on ceramic fuel cells. He is involved in several projects on transport electrification and batteries, and coordinator of the H2020 project DRIVEMODE on modular electric powertrains. Current research interests include commercial electric vehicles and their systems, especially electrification of city buses and techno-economics of their systemic viability.

Email: mikko.pihlatie@vtt.fi

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