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VTT Webinar

Life cycle service business and data

– from opportunities to actions and value

Industrial companies spend annually several billions of euros in maintenance activities. Digitalisation and better utilisation of the data offer keys to improve productivity and to generate value. Development of the data-based life cycle services offer machinery and equipment manufacturers huge possibilities for business growth. However, the service delivery require domain knowledge and collaboration with the customer. It is time to take control on this rapidly changing field already now.

Register for this webinar (recorded 16th of September 2020) to hear how digitalisation can add value to your life cycle service business. You can watch the webinar at your convenience.

Webinar content:

Welcome and Introduction to the webinar 

Data analytics in maintenance business 

  • Roadmap to data-based maintenance services
  • Key points in developing reliable analytics.

Creating business value with smart maintenance solutions 

  • How the value added of smart maintenance solutions can be identified and assessed?​

Tools and methods to support companies on their digitalisation pathway 

  • Maturity tools for self-assesment ​
  • Examples on how VTT can support companies on the digitalisation pathway

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Register here to watch the webinar recording and send your comments or questions to our experts



Helena Kortelainen

Helena Kortelainen works as a Principal scientist in the Data-based asset management and business models team at VTT Smart Energy and Industry systems. Her research work aims at developing knowledge-intensive life cycle services and methods that support decision making along the asset life cycle. 

Email: helena.kortelainen@vtt.fi

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Minna Räikkönen,

Senior Scientist​

Minna Räikkönen works at VTT as a senior scientist focusing on investment appraisal and business value creation. Her previous and current projects with industry lay mostly on the assessment of impacts and value of smart maintenance solutions, circular economy and engineering asset management, and the development of decision analysis tools. 

Email:  Minna Räikkönen

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Olli Saarela

Olli Saarela is a Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator in Machine Health team at VTT. His research focuses on industrial applications combining measurement data with understanding of phenomena affecting the performance of machines and processes.

Email: olli.saarela@vtt.fi 



Toni Ahonen

Toni Ahonen works at VTT as a Research Team Leader (Data-based asset management and business models). His interests are service business development, maintenance process development and data-based decision-making support. 

Email: toni.ahonen@vtt.fi 



Jukka Kääriäinen

Jukka Kääriäinen (Ph.D.) works at VTT as a senior scientist focusing on the digital transformation. He works as a coordinator of ApuaDigiin webservice supporting SMEs on their digitalisation pathway.

Email: jukka.kaariainen@vtt.fi 



Leila Saari

Leila Saari works at VTT as a senior scientist focusing on the identification of business opportunities and supporting companies on their digitalisation pathways, AI utilisation or reaching beyond Industry 4.0. 

Email: leila.saari@vtt.fi