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Megatrends report: Leading towards a better future

The 7 megatrends that will help decision-makers crystallise their direction for the upcoming decade


Success requires a clear vision of the future.

In an uncertain world, megatrends might be the most stable and trustable element in strategic thinking. A business based on megatrends is unlikely to fail.

Many companies already address megatrends in their strategy. However, we feel they often fall short of what could be accomplished. Megatrends are mentioned on strategy one-sliders, yes, but connecting them to the challenge at hand and deeper context is often missed in strategy processes. 

In other words, there is a lot of potential for companies to build their competitive advantage.

Who is this for

This report is useful for B2B and B2C companies who are:

  • preparing for the next strategy or innovation cycle,
  • facing a disruptive change in their industry,
  • or want to crystallise their direction for the upcoming decade.

The report is valuable to people working with strategy, change management, business development, or research / product management.


This 22-page report is written by our leading experts in business intelligence and strategic foresight.

The 7 megatrends discussed include:

  1. Demographic changes: the world is adjusting to ageing
  2. The digital economy becomes the norm: from metaverse to human augmentation
  3. Flexible work is empowering a cultural shift
  4. Smart, technology-enhanced experiences and services shape our everyday lives
  5. Geopolitics and global markets shift focus
  6. Energy transition is shaping green and smart power grids
  7. Sustainability is on everyone's agenda

Megatrends are not meant to surprise anyone. If they surprise you, you are probably already in trouble.

But what are the implications of each trend? How are subtrends and countertrends emerging? What are successful companies doing to set strategic priorities based on trends?

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