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Electrifying public transportation

A guide to help you transition to electric vehicles with minimum risk



We are currently witnessing a real shift towards zero-emission and carbon-neutral transport.

The electric future is not only reserved for private vehicles, but for public and commercial transportation, too.

Who is this guide for

  • Public transport authorities and operators
  • Infrastructure consultation companies who will be advising in the transition
  • Industrial companies including vehicle manufacturers, charging technology providers and software developers.

What will you get

This 14-page guide explores how to:

  • overcome the most common challenges of electrification,
  • avoid costly mistakes,
  • and take the next steps on your electrification journey.

We will address questions such as: How to maintain the reliability of an electrified transport system? How to ensure an infrastructure that supports the optimal use of the fleet? How to make a smooth transition?

You will hear success stories from Helsinki, Finland and Santiago de Chile – two very different capital cities – and the key findings that the decision-makers in these cities had. 

Cover image of Electrifying public transportation guide

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The benefits of transport electrification

Chapter 2: Overcoming common challenges

  • Taking city's topography and climate into account
  • Planning the charging infrastructure and selecting the right technologies
  • Making everything work together seamlessly
  • Selecting the best techno-economical deployment scenario

Chapter 3: Support your decision-making with VTT Smart eFleet

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