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VTT white paper

Autonomous industrial vehicles and machinery

How to increase the safety and efficiency with autonomous vehicles and machinery?

Autonomous industrial vehicles and machinery improve industrial site safety, cost-efficiency, and reliability. As industrial machinery includes more and more software, the EU is planning to update the regulation of machinery in the near future. This will also set new requirements for autonomous industrial machinery equipment. For example, autonomous mobile machinery must be equipped with sensors for detecting any humans and domestic animals in its immediate surroundings.


The white paper covers the following topics

  • The regulatory environment regarding autonomous machinery
  • The main building blocks of autonomous industrial vehicles: situational awareness, connectivity and safety
  • A path forward in developing automation


Who is this for

This white paper is aimed for professionals who are working in the industries with heavy working machines, mobile machinery or in machinery development.

How to get started?

VTT provides expert services in developing autonomous vehicles and machinery. We are an independent party not tied to specific manufacturers. With our rapid prototyping model we can find the perfect sensor and communication interfaces for your unique business case.

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