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How to succeed in complex smart city business now and in the future?

On-demand webinar available now.

Everyone involved in smart city projects knows how difficult it is to make smart decisions. The importance of holistic urban planning is understood, but practical implementation is difficult.

City development is a complex project, with several interdependencies. Everything affects everything. How do companies anticipate the forthcoming surprises in their long-term strategies, when the future is unknown? Just managing the risks is not enough, the bigger question is - how to be proactive?

Join our webinar to learn how to take the steering wheel in managing complex smart city projects. You will hear about real business cases and get insights on how to disclose the invisible, make strategic and holistic decisions and drive growth in your smart city business.

  • Opening words,
    Sami Kazi, Research Team Leader, Smart cities and intelligent buildings, VTT
  • How to succeed in complex smart city business?
    Peter Ylén, Research Team Leader, Smart city impact assessment, VTT
  • Capturing the intangible benefits of smart buildings with system dynamics modeling
    Pekka Mild, Senior Manager, Advanced analytics, Caverion
  • Digital trust, the most important factor in city management in the future
    Kensuke Nakajima, Social Innovation Evangelist, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting (MURC)
  • Q&A following presentations
  • Wrap up and Conclusions,
    Sami Kazi

Duration: 60 min



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Peter Ylén

Team Leader at VTT

Dr. Peter Ylén is a Principal Scientist and Team Leader of Smart City Impact Assessment team. He is the product owner of VTT CityTune® impact assessment tool. His area of interest is modelling, simulation, optimization, analysis and re-engineering of technological, social, cognitive and business processes.

Email: peter.ylen@vtt.fi

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Pekka_Mild_work_profile_pic_broader (3) - Copy

Pekka Mild

Senior Manager at Caverion

Pekka holds a PhD in applied mathematics and has close to 20 years of experience in building decision support models and AI applications across various industries. Currently he’s leading advanced analytics development at Caverion to help create scalable solutions for building performance in smart cities and industries.

Email:  pekka.mild@caverion.com

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Kensuke Nakajima

Social Innovation Evangelist at Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting (MURC)

Ken Nakajima is Social Innovation Evangelist of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting (MURC). His areas of expertise are big data, IoT, robots, AI, digital design and renewable energy, providing strategic advice to domestic and foreign government agencies, private companies and universities. Before joining the MURC, he was an investment manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and provided investment support and consulting for major Japanese companies..

Email: kensuke.nakajima@murc.jp

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Sami Kazi

Webinar host

Team Leader at VTT

Prof. Dr. Sami (Abdul Samad) Kazi is a Senior Principal Scientist and Research Team Leader of Smart Cities and Intelligent Buildings at VTT. Sami specialises in smart city innovation ecosystems, systemic innovation, strategic roadmapping, implementation action planning, and co-creation with different stakeholders. He also serves as a motivator and coach across different industrial domains.

Email: sami.kazi@vtt.fi

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