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Sustainable cellulose-based films for food packaging

Solutions for single-use plastics

The webinar is available! 

Rapid change related to single-use plastics is transforming the flex-pack industry. A race to develop novel materials that will truly match the high expectations of consumers and businesses is ongoing.

In this webinar, we will take you through the opportunities cellulose provides for renewable, biobased, degradable and recyclable material solutions. We will cover nanocellulose, regenerated cellulose and  thermoplastic cellulose-based films. We will also explain critical functionalities our film innovations provide.

We will end the webinar by sharing some exciting co-operation opportunities related to piloting and a new consortium.

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Sustainable cellulose-based films for food packaging | VTT


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Ali Harlin

Prof, D.Sc. material scientist and VTT research professor in the field of bio-economy

Prof Harlin and his group is developing bio-based materials and industrial application and new, sustainable value chains and to reduce our dependency on oil and the carbon footprint of consumption.

He has as well leading role in research strategies in the field of lignocellulose.

He has previously acted as in industry with e.g. as an inventor Borstar technology, several start-ups, Professor at Tampere University of Technology, and adjunct Professor at Lappeenranta University of Technology. Currently leading large programs, like Packaging Heroes by Strategic research council and business development is FinnCeres flagship by Academy of Finland. Professor Harlin participate discussion in national strategies like plastic road map, forest industry future.

Email: ali.harlin@vtt.fi

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Pia Willberg-Keyriläinen, research scientist

Pia Willberg-Keyriläinen

Developer of functionalized cellulose and process scale-up.

M.Sc. (Tech.) Willberg-Keyriläinen is working at VTT as a Research Scientist in Chemical Process Technologies team. She has 15 years of experience in biopolymers, biopolymer modification and scale-up of processes. Her present research is focused in the development of thermoplastic cellulose. She has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications or patent applications.

Email:  pia.willberg-keyrilainen@vtt.fi

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Hannes Orelma, Research Scientist

Hannes Orelma

Specialist on cellulose, ioinic liguids, cellulose oxidation / functionalization and cellulose films

Dr. Hannes Orelma work as a research team leader in the functional cellulose team in VTT. His back ground is in the surface and colloid chemistry of lignocellulose materials. The current research activities are around development of new applications for lignocellulose materials. 

Email: hannes.orelma@vtt.fi

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Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar

Dr. Vinay Kumar works as a Research Scientist in the Functional Cellulose team at VTT. His background is in forest products technology, and he is developing innovative solutions for improving competitiveness of the forest products industry and sustainability for the world. His aim is to tackle the plastic menace through forest-derived material solutions that perform like conventional petroleum-based plastics, but are designed for recycling and biodegradation, and made from nature’s very own raw materials.


Email: vinay.kumar@vtt.fi

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Sami Kazi

Sami Kazi

Research Team Leader (Webinar Host)

Email: Sami.Kazi@vtt.fi