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Biomaterial innovations for textiles, fashion and medical applications

Discover how sustainable materials such as spider silk, feather keratin and fungal leather can replace plastic in high-performance applications

The demand for new sustainable materials is here to stay. Nature provides great source of inspiration and raw building blocks for new material innovations. In addition, recent advances in genetic engineering, biotechnology and chemical processes enable us to fabricate unprecedented high-performance and sustainable materials for diverse industrial and medical applications.

This webinar highlights new biomaterials that have significant potential for medical and e.g. textile industries. We will focus on two topics:
  1. Protein-based materials made from spider silk or keratin,
  2. Engineered living materials e.g. leather type material made from mycelium
This webinar takes you through fundamental properties of these materials and their potential use.

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Geza Szilvay

Géza Szilvay

Senior Scientist, PhD 

Senior Scientist and a project manager at VTT in Enzyme and Material Biotechnology team. He has strong expertise in biointerface research, fungal hydrophobin proteins and bioengineering. Currently his research concentrates on engineered living materials and new protein polymers for biosynthetic and biohybrid materials. 

Email: geza.szilvay@vtt.fi

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Pezhman Mohammadi

Pezhman Mohammadi

Research Scientist, PhD 

He works as research scientist at VTT in the Enzyme and Material Biotechnology.  His research areas are molecular biology and protein engineering which aims toward fabrication of next generation high performance biomaterials using diverse set of recombinantly produced structural proteins such as spider silk.  

Email:  Pezhman.Mohammadi@vtt.fi

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Emmi Nuutinen

Emmi Nuutinen

Research Scientist 

MSc (Eng.), works as a research scientist at VTT in the team of Biorefining Chemistry and is a part time doctoral student at Aalto University in the field of Bioproduct Technology. The past years she has been working with developing technologies to characterize, extract and apply feather keratin. The current interest is to combine keratin with cellulose. 

Email: Emmi.Nuutinen@vtt.fi

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Sami Kazi

Sami Kazi

Research Team Leader (Webinar Host)

Email: Sami.Kazi@vtt.fi