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VTT Webinar

Beyond papermaking - Recyclable and lightweight biomaterials

Learn about new foam forming piloting possibilities for sustainable fibre-based products

June 4, 2020 at 3 pm EEST 

A need for bio-based materials is increasing - lightweight packaging solutions, hygiene products, construction and filter materials are just a few examples that can be produced by utilizing foam forming technology.

Foam-based technology enables efficient production of multilayer and lightweight materials. We will explain the opportunities this new technology provides for the variety of industries and applications. Companies using wet-laid technology can expand their product portfolio with their existing machinery by applying foam technology.

Join our webinar to hear more about new piloting opportunities like forming with a vertical headbox, foam-based stratified forming and making of recyclable insulation materials to replace EPS.

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Ali Harlin

Prof, D.Sc. material scientist and VTT research professor in the field of bio-economy

Prof Harlin and his group is developing bio-based materials and industrial application and new, sustainable value chains and to reduce our dependency on oil and the carbon footprint of consumption.

He has as well leading role in research strategies in the field of lignocellulose.

He has previously acted as in industry with e.g. as an inventor Borstar technology, several start-ups, Professor at Tampere University of Technology, and adjunct Professor at Lappeenranta University of Technology. Currently leading large programs, like Packaging Heroes by Strategic research council and business development is FinnCeres flagship by Academy of Finland. Professor Harlin participate discussion in national strategies like plastic road map, forest industry future.

Email: ali.harlin@vtt.fi

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Jaakko Asikainen

Jaakko Asikainen

Research Team Leader, Fibre Web Processes, M.Sc. (Papermaking Technology) has been working in paper and board R&D for over 24 years, as a researcher, project manager and team leader.

The topics of the projects cover a wide range over the entire value chain of paper and board production, with specialization on paper web runnability, pilot-scale experiments, process and product development of fibre based materials.

Email:  jaakko.asikainen@vtt.fi

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Jani Lehmonen_uusi

Jani Lehmonen

M.Sc. (Tech.) Jani Lehmonen has been worked in the field of foam forming for ten years and he is doing his PhD work on foam-laid forming technology for fibre webs at VTT Technological Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

The target of the PhD work is to demonstrate that foam-laid technology could offer many significant benefits to both paper and board industry and other fibre based products – both for the manufacturing process as well as for the product quality viewpoint.

This technology enables also possibilities for tailoring product properties in a new way. The objective of the research is to present what kind of possibilities foam-laid technology enables as well as what kind of results with water-laid and foam-laid technologies have been achieved.

Email: jani.lehmonen@vtt.fi


Sami Kazi

Sami Kazi

Research Team Leader (Webinar Host)

Email: Sami.Kazi@vtt.fi