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VTT BALAS – Conceptual process design to optimise resource efficiency

VTT BALAS – Conceptual process design to optimise resource efficiency

Process design and analysis is always based on the management of mass and energy balances. VTT BALAS simulation tool is the most effective way to calculate and optimize complex processes, energy and material streams. With VTT BALAS you can reduce costs by optimizing the use of chemicals, energy and water in your processes.

 VTT BALAS is a steady-state simulation package for chemical processes with emphasis on pulp and paper, food processing and biochemical processes. The software has been developed at VTT over the last 20 years and many paper mills, engineering companies and equipment manufacturers currently use it.

“Hours can be saved by using BALAS simulation models linked with Excel to create comprehensive equipment lists and dimensioning information“ -Esa Pietilä, Specialist, Valmet Technologies

Efficient and easy-to-use process simulation

VTT BALAS has an extensive selection of unit operation modules. These unit operation modules enable the user to model the whole process including raw material handling and processing, reactors, heat recovery, utilities and wastewater treatment. A selection of ready-made model processes are also supplied with the software. Furthermore, the mathematical solvers of VTT BALAS solve balances for complex process flowsheets efficiently.

“BALAS simulation models help us select the most cost efficient processes.” -Jenni Vainio, Quality and Environment Manager, Oy Essity Finland Ab

How to calculate complex industry processes easily?

VTT BALAS simulation models are created and maintained through an intuitive user interface. The model is built up in MS Visio by dragging and dropping unit operations from libraries, drawing streams connecting units, and entering input data using dialog windows. MS Excel can be used to further process the balances into usable metrics.

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Top reasons to use modelling and simulation

There are several benefits of using process modelling and simulation in industrial decision-making processes. Changes to complex systems can be calculated in a matter of seconds. Simulation results can guide an industrial process to significantly increase its efficiency by reducing excessive material and energy consumption. Alternative choices can be safely tested before making an investment. Covering the whole lifecycle of a factory from the R&D phase to factory optimisation can support data-driven decision making.

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