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VTT Webinar

Robotics for agile manufacturing 

This webinar was recorded. You can watch the recording right after the registration. The webinar language is Finnish, but all the slides are available in English.

In the webinar, we demonstrate the recent developments in robotics with the focus on manufacturing industry.

Automation of short series manufacturing in an economical way is challenging. On the other hand, robotics technologies are developing in fast pace and prices have fallen. Human-robot collaboration, multi-purpose robots and mobile solutions are becoming feasible even for small companies.

Smart use of robots is essential for individual customisation and for competitive small series manufacturing. Ideally, production becomes nearly independent of labor costs, which is an opportunity for high-cost and high-tech economies to keep, increase and on-shore production.


  • Learn how mobile robots are used in factory logistics. The potential for savings is huge as material handling can cover 50% of all production costs.
  • Collaborative robots are changing factory work but many things have to be re-thought. Work practises, safety design and introduction of new technologies is challenging. A wide variety of alternative solutions exists. To find an optimum solution is a multivariable problem.
  • Find out about Business Finland’s Sustainable Manufacturing Finland program, and what services VTT has to offer to SMEs in Robotics.


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Riikka Virkkunen

Professor of Practice

Dr. Riikka Virkkunen leads VTT’s Industrial Renewal Lighthouse - innovations empowering industry. Virkkunen has worked in various manager positions at VTT and has plenty of experience working in international research networks. She is board member of EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) and co-chair of the Factories of the Future’s board. Currently, she coordinates a European project ConnectedFactories that creates visions and pathways for digitalizing manufacturing industries.

Email: riikka.virkkunen@vtt.fi

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Timo Salmi

Senior Scientist 

Timo Salmi has worked at VTT as Research Scientist over 30 years. His expertise has been Industrial Robotics, Production Systems, Assembly Technology and Development of Production Processes. Last years his research focus has been Human Robot Collaboration and Collaborative Robots.

Email:  timo.salmi@vtt.fi

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Markku Hentula


Senior Scientist

Markku Hentula M.Sc. (Tech.) has worked at VTT since 1989 as a project manager, consultant and research scientist in numerous projects involving e.g. production automation, production development, supply chain development, simulation and logistics.

Email: markku.hentula@vtt.fi

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Harri Kuusela

Principal Scientist

Harri Kuusela is working in EU projects supporting SME digitalisation and robotics. Harri has over 21 years of experience in industry and 12 years in innovation projects outside VTT.

Email: harri.kuusela@vtt.fi