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5 things you need to know about meat alternatives

We know that meat production is inefficient, resource-intensive and supply chains are vulnerable to disruption. Despite these problems, meat doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. How do we solve the problem of meat when all projections anticipate global demand for meat to skyrocket in the coming years?

We need to develop plant-based foods that are indistinguishable from meat. By innovations based on combining cellular agriculture (i.e. cellular biomasses or specific ingredients produced via precision fermentation) with traditionally challenging plant-based materials, businesses can finally produce meat alternatives that offer an identical sensory experience to the real deal, on an industrial scale. 


This guide presents five key points to consider if you want to produce the meat alternatives that consumers everywhere will love.

  1. Opt for challenging, plant-based raw materials
  2. Securing the sizzle and flavor
  3. Producing cost-efficient ingredients for meat alternatives
  4. Nutritional value and clean labelling should be a priority
  5. A holistic approach to the development meat analogues is key

Who is this for

This guide is aimed for all food producers who are producing or planning to produce alternative ingredients or products for meat

How VTT can help you?

Our hybrid approach makes scalable mass-production a reality. We have gathered excellent expertise in the fields of plant-based ingredient & food design and cellular agriculture. By embracing us as a partner for change, you can develop a product and production process that will appeal to your customers, while working towards a future that is free from food crises.



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