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VTT 3Dmetalprint sharing platform

This is a collection of useful files and our reports, our contribution for the community:
  1.  VTT pipe case study is 3D design exercise case on a pseudosimple mock-up component. Download stl-files and do your own mistakes. The supporting material shows you done mistakes and FLIR images from the actual PBF-process.
  2. Digital Spare Parts report. VTT, Aalto University and 14 Finnish industrial companies had a two year project (2016-2017) on digital spare parts and how digital transformation can change the rules of spare part business.
  3. The first edition of “Design guide for additive manufacturing” was done 2016 and lot of development has taken place since. Many of the rules explained here are still valid.
  4. The first edition of “Materials for metal 3D printing” was published in 2016. Since that several new and advanced materials have been printed and examined. We will introduce them as soon as the second edition will be published.

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